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Past Alathons

District 54 Alathon

"We Surrender to Recover"
Saturday, June XX, 2020
9:00am - 4:00pm

Registration - $xx at the door

Bay Cities Community Church
2043 Lomita Blvd.
Lomita California, CA

Alathon Flyer
Alathon Program

Potluck with drinks included. Selection is based on first name:
A through D for Entrée Salad - E through H for Hospitality Table Goodies - I through O for Hot Entre
P through S for Side Dish/Salad - T through Z for Desert

Planning Information

Anyone interested in supporting the Alathon, contact the Chair through the e-mail provided.




Sunday, Pending.
Saturday, Pending.
Sunday, Pending

For Alathon questions or concerns, contact Chair - Pending (, Co-Chair - Pending.

2019Jennifer M. & Deedee Z. "We Surrender to Recover"
2018Sandy K. & Jennifer M. "Made A Decision"
2017Stephanie O. & Sandy K. "Changes, Choices and Chances in Al-Anon"
2016Heidi H. & Stephanie O. "The Power of Hope, Healing, and Hugs"
2015Carol G. & Heidi H. "Happiness is an Inside Job"
2014Vicki V. & Carol G. "More Will Be Revealed"
2013Helen L. & Vicki V. "Out of Darkness Into the Light"
2012Linda L. & Linda S. "From Chaos to Serenity: Working the 12 Steps"
2011Marie R."We Will Laugh More: The Al-Anon Promises"
2010Heide P. "Higher Power"
2009Bonnie L."The Do's and Don'ts"
2008CB S. "The Promises"
2007CB S. "Graditude Brings Freedom"
2006Margie Van. W."We're All Here because We're Not All There: Recovery Through Laughter"
2005Lupe J. 
2004Ann D."Al-Anon World Wide Fellowship"
2003Michelle D. 
2002Mickey W."Language Of The Heart"
2001Pat F. 
2000Frances W. 
1999Sandra D."Live, Love, and Laugh"
1998Dinah D."It's All In The Family"
1997Gayle K."Moments of Change"
1996Karen P."Grow Where You Are Planted"
1995Christy R."Keep It Simple"
1993Linn J."Quilting Our Lives in Sunshine & Shadow"

This page is for current District 54 Alathon information. Alathon content is no longer handled by the District 54 Google Docs account. Send Alathon-related content or attachments to moc.liamtoh@tdnod.

Document sharing through Google Docs is still available. Contact the immediate past Alathon chair or moc.liamtoh@tdnod for this site if you need access. Let the webmaster know if website links are needed to Alathon-related documents stored in District Google docs.