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D54 Virtual Meeting Instructions - MaryJo, DR

If your group has set up a virtual meeting, you can list it on by going to this web site and selecting the Virtual Meeting List link. At the top of that list, there is another link that allows you to fill out a form to register your virtual meeting for inclusion on this list. Since many virtual meetings are being conducted on Zoom, a help links is provided.

You can also list your group's virtual meeting on the District 54 website,, by sending your group's information to our web master. Please provide the meeting day and time, meeting name and in-person meeting location (to help members locate the right meetings), and virtual meeting contact information to Don at

Rather than posting a direct link to the virtual meeting on either of these web sites, you may prefer to provide a phone number, e-mail address or other contact information for a gatekeeper who can provide the virtual meeting access information to interested parties if your group has limitations on the number of participants allowed in a zoom meeting or other concerns such as anonymity (because members participate from their homes, others present in a participant's home might be able to hear 'shares').